The Life and Times of Poopwa Foley

Toes in the Sandals

Posted on: April 4, 2012

On a recent trip to Mexico, there were many beautiful things to see…the blue, blue Caribbean Sea, white sand, colorful fish, beautiful sunrises (one of which we actually got up early enough to see) and many, many people of all different shapes and sizes.  It was a treat for the eyes and a balm for the soul. 
However, time and time again I found my eyes drawn to…FEET.
Talk about all shapes and sizes!  Many women, (me included) knowing they were going to a beach resort, treated themselves to beautiful pedicures.  Others, men AND women, just had well tended feet and clean, clipped toenails.
And then…there were others.  Short stubby toes on dirty feet, toes that look like fingers, toes that look like all pinky toes, missing toes, too many toes…the list goes on and on.
This actually happened in Mexico:  It’s 6pm, you’re pleasantly tired from a fun day on the beach, and you’re hungry.  You’re standing in line for the buffet.
You see them before you hear them.  Click.  Click.  Click.  Then you see them.  Indescribably, disgustingly gross bare feet stuffed into a pair of shower thongs, shuffling your way.   Yellowed, thick toenails two inches long that have never seen the silver flash of a pair of clippers.  They’re so long they’re actually curved over the sandals and clicking on the floor.  Those toenails grace feet that have obviously never, ever seen the light of day as the glare coming off those pasty feet forces you to shield your eyes. 
Your appetite = gone.
joes toes.  how pretty.
I’m surely not the expert on pretty feet.  I’ll certainly never be a foot model.  (author’s note:  I do love my husband’s feet…see above)  I have noticed that as I grow older, my toes alarmingly seem to be moving closer together of their own accord. 
I mentioned it to my sister recently and she nodded wisely.  “I’ve heard of that.  Yes.  It’s called “traveling toe syndrome”.”
(sigh)  I hope my toes get to travel to Mexico.  There are lots of pretty things to see there.

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