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Mary Lamphere

Kidding, they bring May Showers! Baby Showers that is.
Last year I was busy with Bridal Showers, this year it’s Baby Showers.
If you’ll recall, weddings were a challenge for me…

I have a much better attitude about baby showers because they’re basically an early baby birthday party and I love BIRTHDAYS! Babies aren’t so bad either.

I have to thank Pinterest for the general shower evolution. Showers of old used to be dry formal affairs with extended family and your parents’ friends, punch and crustless finger sandwiches with crusty edges, nuts and mints, streamers and lame games.

But now, holy moly, now showers are a party!


Sure, they still cost a gift for admission, but the menu rocks– “party” food is fun and pretty and tastes delicious. There’re themes other than “Baby” and decorations no longer just dress up a mantle, they have become part of the celebration.


Games have…

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  • Mary Fran Says: Thank you for contributing to Sweeps Week! We make a great team. Maybe we'll collaborate in our next lives? SISTERS! lol :)
  • Mary Fran Says: What's better than a Baby Shower aka Early Baby Birthday Party? Baby's FIRST Birthday Party! (Although it's hard to call them "baby" by one! They grow
  • Ann Jones: I'll have to check it out, thanks for the heads up!