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my friend Mary. so funny. (*the story, and herself.)

Mary Lamphere

A few weeks ago when my husband was out of town, I painted our bedroom. It hadn’t been updated in nineteen years. When we first moved in, I painted it two pale shades of jade to match my Laura Ashley comforter. I stylishly divided the top green and the bottom green (covered the seam where the colors met) with the obligatory wallpaper border that the 1995 decorating trend demanded.


Don’t get me wrong, I loved my green walls. I didn’t even mind the wallpaper border.

By the time I remembered to take a picture, I was down to the poorly lit corner. By the time I remembered to take a picture, I was down to the poorly lit corner.

(Stop shuddering, it was pretty! A narrow border that lasted nearly two decades with very little fading, discoloring or peeling.)
But the comforter had seen much better days.

I found a new comforter, also Laura Ashley, that I liked and selected paint chips to match. Two shades, but instead of upper…

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from Quenby Olson

The Quirks of Quen

How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it’s June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon? – Dr. Seuss

Summer 2014 340

(No makeup. More than twenty-four hours since my last shower. And nursing the last of a head cold. This is my face. I will own it.)


I’m not afraid of wrinkles.

I’m not. Or of saggy upper arms, or a saggy rear end, or a saggy…well, everything, really. But already, I notice the slow onslaught of age. I don’t have the same stamina as when I was a teenager. My back hurts on most days. When I bend down to pick up something, the cracking of my joints sounds a bit like someone playing a xylophone. I have less than half of the flexibility I possessed ten years ago. I forget things…

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don of all trades

I walked into the kitchen the other day and found myself standing behind Cool and Gman as they were seated at the island waiting to be fed lunch. They insist on being fed every single day, often multiple times during the same day.

All this child feeding can be very annoying when all one wants to do is sit his fat ass on the couch with his Doritos and watch the ball game, but I’ll digress.

They didn’t hear me walk into the kitchen because I’m quite ninja like that, and also because when they’re together, their noise level is always somewhere equivalent to that of a jet plane repeatedly taking off and immediately crashing into a mountain and exploding upon impact. I believe the decibel number is somewhere around 150, for those of you who need such numerical data to visualize the insanity.

The boys were giggling and having a…

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Writers In The Storm Blog

By Sharla Rae

Put on the sexy music [See Fae Rowan’s blog on Music As Writing Inspiration. ] I’m giving you the sister blog to my Sensual Word Menu, Sexy Phrases For In And Out Of The Bedroom.

Many writers bemoan writing love scenes. I have to admit that they aren’t one of my favorite things to write either. I rewrite them more than any other scenes in my books. It’s not the idea of writing sex that plagues most of us. It’s all the pesky problems both real and perceived that pop up during the writing.

Merely fitting part A into part B turns your characters into stick people. It’s not sensual and it’s just plain boring.

Okay, so we need to add emotion. Figuring out the right balance of emotion in relation to the physical aspects can be tricky. Too much emotion or internalization interrupts the action and…

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Once upon a time, there was a story I couldn’t write.

The idea for it came to me, as all new story ideas do, like a sparkling jewel of inspiration dropped down from the heavens. And like all new story ideas, I couldn’t wait to take a crack at it. I outlined, I researched, I wrote scenes I knew would never make it into the book but were simply there to help flesh out characters and happenings that would occur offstage from the main narrative.

But after months and months of work, of staying up late and waking up early in order to snatch a few extra minutes of writing time from the edges of my day, I realized I was stuck. Plot points kept falling apart, characters kept doing things that made no sense, entire scenes were crumbling into piles of mismatched words. After all that work, after I’d…

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Promote EBooks

Welcome to the first installment of “The Marketing Minute”!  This new type of blog post is where I will try to convey the point of the entire post within the first minute of you reading. Why, you might be wondering. Won’t that make the reader stop reading and move on after learning the juicy tidbit? Maybe. Probably, but we’re all busy, and I get that, so if I can save you time while providing a take-away for you to start using immediately for your book marketing and promoting all the better, right? This post is going to be the exception since I had to explain the format, but you can bet next time it is on.

Here’s the take-away:

When dropping your book to 99 pennies or putting it out there for a free run, make sure (no matter how you are published) to submit…

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by Jennifer Ray

Writers tend to view themselves as plotters or pantsers. This individual view has been known to cause heated arguments among writing groups. Trust me, no writing group is safe from this passionate debate.

A plotter is characterized as needing a plan when they write. They use diagrams, outlines, whiteboards, sticky notes, character charts, and more. Plotters need to understand where their story is starting and ending, along with everything in between before they start writing. They need order. Not knowing the entirety of their story ahead of time can create quite the penchant for angst for the plotter. Let’s leave the angst in the storylines, please.

A pantser is characterized as someone who sits at their computer and writes by the seat of their pants. They may have a title or an overarching idea for a book based on one or two elements of their potential story…

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Mary Lamphere

Wonderful Overwhelming Amazing

When I was writing up the proposal for Word of Art, I kept it strikingly similar to Drawn with Words, the Art in your Eye program I had participated in the year before. Same word count, same provision of 16×20 canvas, same book format.
But there was one major difference.
I wanted to hold a reception where the authors and artists met and mingled and were able, if wanting, to sign each other’s books.

This past Friday, my dream came to fruition.

Centerpieces provided by Kristin Oakley, photo by Sharon P. Lynn, cupcakes by Christina Lamphere. Centerpieces provided by Kristin Oakley, photo by Sharon P. Lynn, cupcakes by Christina Lamphere.

The Word of Art Exhibition and Book Release Reception was held September 5, 2014 at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, and it was fantabulous*.
The talent was wonderful.
The excitement was overwhelming.
The turnout was amazing.

The book is pretty cool, too.

Word of Art book and reception program Word of Art book and reception program

There was…

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