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Sexy Phrases For In And Out Of The Bedroom

Posted on: September 12, 2014

Writers In The Storm Blog

By Sharla Rae

Put on the sexy music [See Fae Rowan’s blog on Music As Writing Inspiration. ] I’m giving you the sister blog to my Sensual Word Menu, Sexy Phrases For In And Out Of The Bedroom.

Many writers bemoan writing love scenes. I have to admit that they aren’t one of my favorite things to write either. I rewrite them more than any other scenes in my books. It’s not the idea of writing sex that plagues most of us. It’s all the pesky problems both real and perceived that pop up during the writing.

Merely fitting part A into part B turns your characters into stick people. It’s not sensual and it’s just plain boring.

Okay, so we need to add emotion. Figuring out the right balance of emotion in relation to the physical aspects can be tricky. Too much emotion or internalization interrupts the action and…

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