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In Print Writers

by Chris Cacciatore

I create stories because that’s who I am.

Ever since I can remember, I have been writing.  A high school English teacher once took a creative writing paragraph I wrote as an assignment and put it on the board after reading it in front of the class and giving it an A.  To me, that was validation that I had a way with words that the majority of my classmates did not.

After that, I had self confidence enough to submit several stories for the Wildcat Review, a collection of stories put out at the end of the year, and every single story I submitted was chosen.

That was not what kept me writing, however.  It was a burning desire to keep going, keep entertaining, and keep honing what I now considered a craft.  I wrote to amuse my sister and my mother, and impress my best…

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Laugh Until You Pee

This story appears in the anthology “Not Your Mother’s Book…On Being a Stupid Kid.” 

The illusion was shattered, if it ever even existed. The illusion that my children should have of me as the perfect mother was gone. During breakfast at a restaurant last December, my mother chose to share with my children one of the more embarrassing stories of my childhood—no, wait, the most embarrassing story—over our eggs, ham and pancakes.

This moment conveys one event in a long line of humiliating things that have happened to me. I was about 12. Some of you may remember that McDonald’s had come out with a contest to win a Big Mac T-shirt. To win the contest, you simply had to harness the courage to stride right up to the counter and sing the famous “Two All-Beef Patties” jingle under a certain time limit. That was it.

How simple! Even I…

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