The Life and Times of Poopwa Foley

In Print Writers

by Chris Cacciatore

I create stories because that’s who I am.

Ever since I can remember, I have been writing.  A high school English teacher once took a creative writing paragraph I wrote as an assignment and put it on the board after reading it in front of the class and giving it an A.  To me, that was validation that I had a way with words that the majority of my classmates did not.

After that, I had self confidence enough to submit several stories for the Wildcat Review, a collection of stories put out at the end of the year, and every single story I submitted was chosen.

That was not what kept me writing, however.  It was a burning desire to keep going, keep entertaining, and keep honing what I now considered a craft.  I wrote to amuse my sister and my mother, and impress my best…

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  • Mary Fran Says: Thank you for contributing to Sweeps Week! We make a great team. Maybe we'll collaborate in our next lives? SISTERS! lol :)
  • Mary Fran Says: What's better than a Baby Shower aka Early Baby Birthday Party? Baby's FIRST Birthday Party! (Although it's hard to call them "baby" by one! They grow
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