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no kidding. we’re all thinking it.

Mary Lamphere

A few weeks ago, I forgot my phone at home when I left for a four day conference.


You know I didn’t mean to do that.
You know our cell phones are now an extension of our bodies.
You know when you don’t have it, you feel discombobulated– like something is off.
You feel naked, exposed.
You’re uncomfortable, there’s a haunting in the back of your mind– what’s missing?
What have I forgotten?
Did I turn off the stove? Did I let the dogs out? Did I lock the door?
What, what, what?!

Oh yeah. My phone. Sigh.
Sure, that’s “all” but you still panic a little each time.

The worse part is the buzzing in your back pocket. But wait, your pocket is empty.
That’s just your butt.
You are suffering from PPS, or Phantom Phone Syndrome.
It’s a very real thing. The buzzing, knocking, pinging.
You hear it. You feel…

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Mary Lamphere

I’m in with the “In” crowd
I go where the “In” crowd goes
I’m in with the “In” crowd
And I know what the “In” crowd knows

Sure, my friends and I are smart and cool and tons of fun, but in this case, “In” is short for Institute, as in the UW-Madison Writers’ Institute.

This year’s Institute was the best one yet (for me). I didn’t have the stress of pitching but I did have the honor of participating on a panel discussion regarding the Benefits of Critique with Kathleen Tresemer and Catherine Conroy, moderated by Kristin Oakley. Despite not getting a lot of love on the website, being scheduled Saturday night at 6:30 against a stellar team in the room next door, and competing with the Elite Eight (then Final Four, now in the championship game) Badgers, we had an impressive turn-out. It was a great experience and I think…

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