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What do these three things have in common?
Spitty, lipsticky kisses on the lips from Great Aunt Martha.
The biology test you completely forgot to study for…and it’s today.
Not being able to remember if you logged out of Facebook before your mom borrowed your laptop…and you may or may not have said a bad word or two.  About her.
The thing they all have in common?  They are all things that make you frightened, or in the case of Great Aunt Martha, a little bit skeeved out.
If you like being scared, however, you must love the onset of Halloween and all that entails…like haunted houses, anyone?
Ok, this one looks fun.  I like the spider and the witch.
There are several in the Rockford area.  First, the Karnival of Karnage…forever a frightening favorite.   Days they’re in operation:  October 26th and 27th from 7pm to midnight, and the 28th from 7-10pm.  Held at the Boone County Fairgrounds.
Second, in case you haven’t gone completely hoarse, there’s the Screamatorium.  They’re available to scare you from October 24th through the 31st from 7 to 11 pm and located in Popular Grove.  I believe certain male children of mine (I’m not mentioning any names, but you know who you are because I only have one male child) had weak jelly knees during this quaint little tour of terror. 
Next up, the Fear Asylum.  Although why anyone would willingly go to a place where you know you’re going to be chased by chainsaw wielding clowns, or be startled into screaming by something in the dark grabbing your ankle…well, no way.   If you’re up for it, though, their hours are: 7 to 11 pm, October 24 to 31st.   
And of course, there’s the oldie but goodie, the Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America.  What a fun place to be.  Recently my sister took her newly minted teenagers to Fright Fest, and the 13 year old (rhymes with Smidget) was chased by a zombie.  I’m sure she’s still checking under beds and carrying nunchuks.
If you’re even thinking about going to one of these places, perhaps you need a cat scan of some sort.  I’m not saying, I’m just saying.  If I’m ever in the mood to be scared, I check prices on heartworm medication for the dog or open the electric bill or count how many days until Christmas.  That usually does the trick for me and I’m breathing into a paper bag in no time.
However, I’m a little bit (a lotta bit) older than the kids who like to frequent haunted houses, so kids…go for it and have fun.
Happy Halloween!

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