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What is fall bringing with it this year besides lower temperatures, frost on the pumpkin, and defrosting your car’s windshield in the morning?  As far as Krystine Vermeer of Infinitely Sweet is concerned, it’s “Stripes, Stripes, Stripes.  Chevron is still hanging in there.  Prints in general are pretty hot this season.  Long maxi skirts are here for a while too.  Knitted sweaters, dresses and cardigans are perfect for fall and winter.  They keep us warm and look stylish.  And now, with knits as a trend, there are plenty of knitted items available, in all possible colors, prints, and lengths.”
can you believe the choices?
 I have to photobomb a little bit here; bear with me.  There are so many good pictures I’m having a hard time picking just a few. 

Cool, right?  You never want to leave.

Infinitely Sweet is participating in the Cider and Cinnamon weekend at Edgebrook Shopping Center, Rockford, IL, so you could drop by there and see what I’m talking about.


decisions, decisions.

One more, if you will bear with me…

Bring your jukebox money.  You’ll want to spend it on this instead!!!
oh, yes.

As promised, here are some pictures that go along with the Infinitely Sweet article (part one.)  For some reason, the website is not allowing me to do a slideshow, which I planned out meticulously, and then am unable to use. 

The result is that I’m going to photobomb my blog with pictures and link this up.

Let’s start, shall we?

Squeal!  Rockford Sock Monkey clothes!!! 

 This side of the store makes me want to go get a bunch of babies and dress them up in these adorable clothes.  Is there anything cuter?

Check out these headbands:

these little girl headbands are absolutely DELICIOUS.   And quite artfully displayed, as well.

And these socks!  Can you believe all of these socks?  Could these things be any more adorable?  I wanted to buy all of them.  Thankfully I had the small car so I wouldn’t have been able to fit them all in.  Plus, I just rearranged my own sock drawer. 

And these!  There are little dresses of all shapes and sizes and colors.  Not to mention, there are accessories to match.

Hair bow, anyone?  How about a hat or a barrette?

 At any rate, I am doing an article in a couple of parts on Infinitely Sweet.  I really love going in that store, both for drooling over all the baby clothes and seeing what’s in style for the fall on the teen/tween/junior side. 
But that is a story for another day.
****Examiner…get your slideshow uploader to work.
It’s scarier than Insidious, more terrifying than Paranormal Activity, and far, far worse than the Exorcist.
It’s…bathing suit season. 
It’s February, I know.  Why should anyone be thinking of bathing suit season?  And with Girl Scout Cookie season in full swing, no less.  What are we, masochists?
Knowing hot weather is on the horizon is bad enough, but knowing that you don’t have three months left to diet, you only have one…that will slap the taste of Thin Mints right out of your mouth.
Here’s another thing that will turn that cookie taste to sawdust—actually taking two or three suits in your size into a tiny, yet horrifyingly bright fitting room with an excessive (I feel) number of mirrors.  
Oh wait, you just THINK they’re your size.  After squeezing, pouring, and contorting your body into one of them, you stare into the mirror, out of breath, and think to yourself, did the cottage cheese miss my mouth and stick to my thighs?  Did I misread the size on the tag?
Perhaps if I had eaten more cottage cheese, I wouldn’t be so scared of being alone in the fitting room with spandex.
Today my oldest daughter and I went to Plato’s Closet knowing they had scads of beautiful sundresses…just perfect for the warm weather and sunny beaches of the Riviera Maya…at prices just perfect for the budget.
This is actually Puerta Vallarta, but you get the idea.
I carefully chose 9 different swirly sundresses, certain that they would be perfect.  I tried on each one of them and, as a kindness to you, my friends; I will spare you the sordid details…suffice to say that out of the 9, I bought one.  And even that one is iffy…I kept the receipt. 
Let’s not even talk about the bathing suits.  I need one more week of dieting and perhaps some sort of sedative before I will even think of trying on bathing suits.
Before I do, though, I will grab a fresh cup of coffee study the floor plans of different department stores and figure out who’s got the fitting rooms with the fewest mirrors and the dimmest lights.
And nothing goes better with a fresh cup of coffee than a shortbread cookie. 
Are you having a hard time communicating with your youngster?  Do you talk to your child, only to have them roll their eyes?  Shrug their shoulders?  Mumble a barely audible response?  Shoot you a look of thinly disguised contempt?  All of the above?  Congratulations, you have a teenager. 

Not so long ago and far away, my lucky husband and I had THREE of them in the house at one time.  It was, quite simply, a magical experience.  And by magical I mean NOT magical.  No, not magical at all.  At one point or another, someone was mad at me, or my husband, or each other, or a significant other, sometimes, every other living, breathing human being in the house, AND the dog.  For fun, sometimes it’s more than one child who’s upset. 

There was a LOT of drama going on a few short years ago in our house (and not much has changed, to be quite honest…they’re just older.)  Hubby and I used to walk around on eggshells, never knowing who might be offended by the simple patter of our adult footfalls or sound of our laughter.  How dare we be happy, when they were so obviously miserable

The problem is, however, that teenagers don’t like to actually TALK to you about what is going on.  Parents of teenagers already know this.  They will certainly make you aware that they are upset, but to actually communicate with you?  That would be ridiculous.  It’s much more fun to keep you guessing why the door to their room is locked, or why they’re pushing around the food on their plate sullenly instead of shoveling it in like usual, or why they’re lying on the couch crying with a cell phone and a box of Kleenex.  Not telling you why.  Sobbing loudly, especially when you walk by.  

Do they not know that as parents, we have been through our share of issues?  Dating trouble, work trouble, personal issues, you name it.  Ask us for advice!  We LOVE to talk!  I realize there are issues that teens face now that weren’t around 20 years ago.  Case in point:  texting and instant messaging.  There were times when we’ve had to comfort one child or another because they got a text or instant message they thought was mean.    

We have tried, over and over, to explain to them that with those types of communication, you can’t hear an inflection.  What is written is not always what you think it means.  When reading a text, instant message or Facebook post, it is not only possible but likely that you may mistake their meaning for something else. 

It is absolutely perplexing to me why more teens won’t just pick up the phone and CALL each other already.   Communicate clearly.   (author’s note:  I actually DO know why they text.  It’s easier and quicker and you don’t have to leave a voice mail, and I guarantee you will get their voicemail because no one answers their phones…they’re too busy texting.) 

One way to get your child to communicate is by journaling with them.  Get a spiral notebook, and compose a chatty note to your teen in it.  Date it, and stick it under their pillow with a note that it’s now THEIR turn to write in it, to you.  You will be amazed at what they will spills out in the pages of those notebooks…things that they (especially girls) would NEVER tell you in person, but feel on paper they’re ok to share.    

(another author’s note:  I myself have used this technique and was gratified at how easily my youngest daughter agreed to “pass the notebook”.  I was also slightly shocked at some of the information she shared, but that’s a story for another day. ) 

Find different ways to interact with each child, if you have more than one.  Make sure you get to spend some alone time with each one.  Take them grocery shopping with you.  Despite the fact that you’ll end up with $20 in junk food in the cart, it will be fun.  Make a pit stop for ice cream.  Be yourself, joke around, and it’s a pleasant surprise when your child actually might start making conversation.  

Maybe then, you can both LOL.

Ever since I’ve been old enough to perceive the world around me, I have had a horrible habit of laughing whenever anyone falls down.  I sincerely can’t help it.  Watching someone fall down the stairs, fall down while running down the halls at school, fall down while just plain walking…and I’m seized with helpless, weak kneed laughter. 
About 30 years ago, one of the biggest styles of footwear for women was enormous stacked heel shoes.   My mother had a pair of these shoes.  Sometimes she would take me, my sister and brother to the mall to shop, and inevitably, her heel would catch on something and down she would go, with her purse swinging around and rising in a slow circle up, up, up, and then crashing down next to her.  It always looked like it was in slow motion. 
And then IT would happen.
My siblings and I would have a case of the giggles so bad that we had to duck behind a rack of swimsuits or dress pants so that she wouldn’t see us.  My red faced mother would hiss at us all the way to the car.  Thinking back, I don’t ever remember asking her if she was ok.  Or if we did she was too embarrassed to appreciate it.  Probably because we were all laughing too hard.  (My poor mother.  What she put up with.)
Fate is fickle, however.  One year, when I was 19, I wore that same type of ill fated shoe to work as a legal secretary.  As I pranced into my building to catch the elevator, two ladies from the courthouse and I waited for a packed elevator to empty before we could get on.   They got on.  I however, caught my ginormous heel on the rug, tripped and landed on the floor.  In front of everyone.
Oh, it gets better. I was wearing a DRESS and panty hose.
I landed on my side, and it felt like two years passed before my right leg landed on my left leg, blocking the view.  In that space of time, half of Joliet got a good look at my control top part of control top pantyhose.  It was absolutely humiliating.  The ladies in the elevator were having a hard time keeping silent.   I so badly wanted to tell them to go ahead and laugh, because I sure would have.
Fast forward 25 years.  One month ago, as I raced up our wooden basement stairs, I hit the top one with my big toe and down I went, right onto the tile.  My left arm bruised, my knee bruised, my ego bruised.  You would think I would learn not to fly up the basement stairs, right?  Right.  Thank gosh no one saw.
Well, last night I was in the basement while helping my 17 year old with a persuasive essay.  When we realized Gray’s Anatomy was on, we raced (see where this is heading?) around the corner to run up the stairs.  However, hiding around the corner was my middle child (who I SWEAR has my sense of humor) who jumped out and scared the living crap out of me and my youngest.  Having such a running leap at the stairs, I was continuing up even while giggling, my knees weak with laughter until finally they gave out and at the top of the stairs, that big toe that won’t learn its lesson got caught on THE SAME STAIR and down I went, AGAIN.
Only this time, I had an audience of four.  And a full cup of coffee, which splashed up in a perfect, slow motion arc to drench my entire face, hair, and glasses with perfectly creamed coffee. 
Now if I had witnessed this of MY mother, I would have really been in trouble, because I would have been doubled over, wheezing with laughter…but I have to hand it to my teens…they didn’t laugh.  They were actually very solicitous and concerned and helpful.  My husband helped me up, and as I dried the Folgers off my face, I noticed both girls were shaking, had their hands over their mouths and their eyes were teary, and it looked suspiciously like they were laughing.
Nah.  I’m sure it was just a trick of the light. 

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